Pekin Archers, Inc.


Help Wanted:

     Work Party:

The next work party or opportunity to earn work tickets, will be held on FRIDAY, TO BE ANNOUNCED, starting at 3:00 pm.

This goes to completion, so many hands make for light work!  We will be setting up the 3D course for the June 3D Shoot.  Then on Sunday, after the shoot, there will be a work party at noon to take down the 3D course.  

Once again-------

Your participation is greatly needed and greatly appreciated.


Absolutely no experience is required!



President Danny Terrill gives notice that his administration will not seek re-election.  Therefore, anyone interested in being a club officer or wishing to submit a slate of officers, please contact the current club administration as soon as possible.  The election will be held in September.


As many club members are beginning to prepare for the upcoming hunting season, just a reminder that at 

no time are broadheads allowed on the range!


On Tuesdays in -month to be announced later-, club members will again be providing basic archery lessons to youngsters signed up for the Pekin Park District Archery Program.  The club is looking for members willing to be instructors.  Members willing to volunteer their time should be at the range on Tuesday evenings at 5:30 pm.  The class starts at 6:oo pm and will go to 7:00 pm.